Thinking about going with solar panels in Yuma? Have questions? Well then you are in the right place because our Solar Energy FAQ has you covered…

The truth is that there are a couple of different solar options you can go with and it can be quite overwhelming if you aren’t prepared. Your Solar was created with this in mind and it is our goal to make going solar in Yuma as easy as possible. So to that end…

You essentially have 3 main choices you can go with:solar panels home install in Yuma

  1. Buy solar panels directly (usually done via a kit)
  2. Build your own solar panels
  3. Find a Yuma contractor

Let’s take a closer look at each of these:

Building VS Buying VS Contractor 101

There is one distinct advantage to buying/building your own solar panels when compared to hiring a local contractor…

They are A HECK OF A LOT CHEAPER. Period.

Of course with that said, we’d be remiss if we didn’t tell you that this approach also brings with it one distinct disadvantage


Yuma solar panels on roofThis leads us to our first question that we often see…

Q: Which is cheaper, buying or building my own solar panels?

A: While both of these approaches offer a significant cost savings vs hiring a local contractor, you’ll want to go FULL DIY for maximum cost savings. This means you’ll be building the panels from the ground up and installing them yourself.

The main benefit with building the panels yourself is the price; each solar panel will only set you back about $200 (so long as you follow the right blueprint). The downside is that you’ll spend a lot of time building the panels and then you’ll still need to install them (or hire someone to install them which cuts into your cost savings).

Here is the solar panel building blueprint that we recommend if you want to save the most money possible.


solar panel kit for YumaAlternatively, you can buy a solar panel kit (highly recommended over building them yourself). These kits don’t cost much more than building the panels yourself (can actually be cheaper if you mess up on building your own) and they save you a ton of time and frustration. They are also all-inclusive, giving you all the necessary inverters and mounting hardware required.

A solar panel kit is very much a happy medium between building them yourself and hiring a Yuma contractor. Additionally, you can pay for them through monthly financing (with zero money down) and still get the 30% Federal tax credit. The obvious downside here is that you still have to install the panels yourself.

If you do go with a kit, then we recommend a 6,000 Watt system. This kit would completely eliminate the electric bills for half the homes in the United States (and remember – any electricity that you don’t use gets sold back to the electric company, so you never have to worry about wasting it). That said, there are kits ranging from 2kW up to 10kW so there is no doubt that you can find one that suits your usage.

Here are some high quality solar panel kit options that we’ve found.


Quick Tip: You can order a kit from the link above and then pay a Yuma contractor to ONLY install the panels (approximately $1 per watt installed). This will still save you money on the panels themselves AND give you a high quality install (i.e. won’t mess up your roof) at the same time. You can Call 1-855-407-6701 to speak with someone who can connect you with a pre-screened, licensed, and insured Yuma installer right now.


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Your Solar Analysis in Yuma

Have more questions? No worries, we got you…


Q: How much is solar really going to save me in Yuma?

A: This is probably the very first thought that crossed your mind, and with good reason…

It is obviously going to be dependent upon your specific situation and how much sun your panels can get. Generally speaking though, the average home saves 50-70% on their electricity costs, but you can use this calculator to get an idea for your state:

solar calculator

For example, in Hawaii, residents save an average of $64,000 over their first 20 years with Solar.

How do they save so much? There is simply NO BETTER power source than the Sun; it has enough energy to power everything on Earth and nothing on our planet can replace it.

Sun Energy in YumaQ: How much is solar power going to cost me in Yuma?

A: The thing is that Solar Power is at an unprecedented level of availability right now; it has NEVER been SO easy to get solar energy for your home.

Of course with more players comes more competition…and competition is a good thing because it means lower prices for you.

This competition has also created multiple ways to pay for solar panel installation:

1. Leasing – requires little or even no money down

2. Financing – this “pay as you go” option means that the provider still owns, maintains, and monitors the system so that you can enjoy the benefits (i.e. Saving Money on Utility Costs). Over 75% of all American homes have access to pay as you go solar.

3. Cash – It generally takes less than 10 years to break even if you pay up front.

Of the above 3 options, paying outright will save you the most in the long run. The most common approach though is through financing, which still provides more cost savings in the long run than leasing does. Many home owners finance through a home equity loan or second mortgage. That said, just about all companies offer reasonable terms between 8 and 20%. Still, it pays to shop around before you commit.

We will actually do this for you at no cost. Simply call us at 1-855-407-6701 and we’ll connect you with a top solar energy provider in Yuma for you!

Energy Efficient Tax Credits in Yuma

Q: What kind of tax rebates can I expect?

A: In addition to the cost savings, solar offers a way to get some tremendous tax breaks. There are 2 ways you can save:

1. The Federal Tax credit is 30% of your cost (there are also credits for each state, you can see them for yourself right here).

2. You can also deduct the financed interest charges in your itemized deductions.

These tax savings can add up to be quite substantial; you could seemingly save 50% off the total cost once you factor in State and Local rebates.

The concern is that we don’t know for how much longer these incentives will be available. The more time that passes, the more likely it is that these tax savings will dissipate…

Are you ready to get started? Go ahead and give us a quick call to schedule your appointment –> 1-855-407-6701


Have more questions? Then keep reading:

Q: Will installing Solar really increase my home’s value?

A:  The short answer is yes it really will.

The National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) concluded that homes with solar sell approximately 20% faster on the market than homes without (and for ~17% more), so keep that in mind…

Q: I’ve heard that solar is a secured investment. What does that mean?

A: Well, you heard correctly. Being a secured investment means that you are free from the electricity company rate hikes. Every year these trend upward, but with solar energy you know exactly what you are paying.

Additionally, solar power creates an energy independence. That is to say that we do not need to rely on unsustainable resources. This also allows us to break free from some of our foreign dependence (like the importing of petroleum).

Overall, going solar points us in the right direction economically, politically, and environmentally.


benefits of solar panels in Yuma
Q: How long do solar panels last in Yuma?

A: This is a great question. The warranty on most panels is from 20-25 years. The industry standard is to provide 80% performance after 25 years.

The fact is that your panels will actually last much longer than that, generating a good amount of electricity for 30-40 years down the road.

Q: How easy is it to get started? What is the next step?

A: Shopping for solar was once a long and painful process, but fortunately it isn’t anymore. Here is what we recommend you do:

1. Pick up the 6kW system here.

2. Call 1-855-407-6701 to get connected with a top solar installer in the Yuma service area.

3. Enjoy 50-100% savings on your utility bills (maybe even get the electric company to pay you)!

And that’s it, going solar in Yuma was easy right? And now you can tell all your friends and family about how much Your Solar helped you right?

In all seriousness though, we sincerely thank you for visiting and do hope we were able to help you in making a decision. If you found our site helpful then please do us a favor and tell your friends and family.

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